Quality Information Dining

Infodine is in development. If you have seen the Terran Society page and like the terms, we are looking to form a team.

Infodine has developed an in-house data technology and application architecture with a modular user interface. This very flexible and extendable model supports a wide range of high-end, feature rich, applications which may be developed for any industry. The core sub-systems provide services across application modules, such as data access security.

This will allow clients and third party developers to create their own modules or applets. As long as conformity to specifications is adhered to, these programs may seamlessly integrate. Infodine will charge a fee to test for compatibility and grant a seal of approval. We will establish an online marketplace for application developers to get their products made available.

Too much to go into here and it is still down the road a bit. A lot can change, but this is part of the plan. There are several high-end business applications planned which are already designed into the database. In our business model, the core system will be published and supported as open source when it is ready. The high end business applications developed around the core will be licensed and supported by Infodine. Services will be provided to various IT specialists, business managers and their staff.


We have a chance to develop software for a business need in a broad, under-served market. This is to be a high end business system dealing with millions of separate records and documents which much be tracked and up to billions of dollars in transactions annually per client. We have technology which solves this real world business problem in a area where no killer app currently exits. We are looking for talented individuals who are willing to join Terran Society.

Sales / Customer Account Manager. Someone who understands the software industry as regards to large business systems and who also has a grasp of the complexities of land and document management. There is a large, ready market. We need to respond to and win some RFPs at the county level.

We are looking for talented software developers and system admins. The application development languages planned are Vala, gtk3 with GO Objects generating an HTML5 user interface. The back end is currently Sybase, but does not have to be. A reporting tool is yet to be selected. The servers will be Virtual Machines and linux variants. Elementary OS is our preferred local development box.

The developer roles are Database Development and Administration; Application Middleware Developer; User Interface Developer; and Report Designer/Writer. This team will be supported by Linux System Admins who also configure and manage security. Talent and experience are more important than formal education.

Experience is good, but this data architecture is a new way of 'looking at the world' so to speak. Some people who have been formally trained may struggle. But open minded talent will be fine. The system is fairly complicated, of course, but it does resolve greater complexity and reduces it to simplest terms. Strict naming convention is absolutely required as it is key to the system. Developers must be eager to perform code walk throughs and cross training. Everyone must learn some of each specialization.

The data model was created using PowerDesigner and it, and the SQL is posted if you want to check it out: LogicalSets on Sourceforge.

If you are capable and interested, contact Gerry at arthur.dent1024@yandex.com.