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Neo-Liberalism and Globalization

Posted 9 December 2016

Sovereignty:  A country's independent authority and the right to govern itself.

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

-Frederick Douglass (1818-1895). American civil rights leader and author.


The corporate empire of today is a cabal comprised of a select group of transnational corporations, illegitimate governments, and international private financial institutions. The criminal organizations discussed within this section will include the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. Every single one of the listed organizations threaten not only the sovereignty and freedom of the human race, but threatens the existence of all life on this planet.

The private international banks and financial institutions are in control of the creation and supply of national currencies. They are the ones responsible for artificially funding military conflicts, inhumane enterprises, and national and international economic recessions and depressions. The consolidation and vertical integration of entire industries is the result of interlocking corporate leadership and directorship positions. These non-organizations are exerting political and economic force in supposedly independent and sovereign countries. This force is cloaked under the auspices of "free trade", "globalization", and "capitalism", when in fact the true nature of this agenda is neo-liberalism. This neo-liberal agenda is nothing short of fascism, and has been and continues to be the foreign policy of Washington and the corporate United States. This agenda is openly calling for the privatization of nationalized enterprises, social services, natural resources, fresh water, and genetic structures.

The overall planetary agenda of this cabal is directly threatening the sovereignty of every single government and individual human. We live in a world where the opulent wealth and resources of our shared planet is being hoarded by a minority of individuals, while the majority of the human race today suffer from the daily tortures of thirst and hunger.

This current integration of the world economy is defined in American schools as globalization. We are taught that because of free trade, democracy, and capitalism, countries and regions of the developing world are able to economically develop, and therefore be able to solve their domestic social challenges. The economic strategies of globalization call for countries to acquire compound interest bearing loans from international undemocratic banks, like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), in order to fund the the development of their national economies. Key infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools, and transportation, are essential for national economic development. These loans bear interest rates that are inherently impossible to pay back, there by riddling the country with monumental debt.

Then in order to pay back the illicit debt incurred from international loan, the recipient governments are coerced into restructuring their national economic policies. These restructuring policies, named as Structural Adjustment Programs or Debt Relief Measures, will require governments to divest funds from social services (i.e public infrastructure, education, food subsidies) in order to raise the necessary revenue needed to avoid defaulting. The bank will advise their client governments to decrease the role of government in the economy, and to privatize nationalized industries, services, and natural resources. Like in many instances, they may require that the recipient country increase their gross domestic product (GDP) exports through attracting direct foreign investments from multinational corporations. To achieve this, they coerce the governments to accept policies that lower national environmental and labor standards.

The financial and economic policies of the international banks are devoid of good intent, for they have only sown the seeds for perpetual poverty and senseless death. These policies are not the result of short sighted mistakes. These policies are engineered in order to control governments and people. If and when the leaders of these governments refuse to pay back the loans, or refuse to accept them, then more violent means are utilized. These violent measures have been enforced both blatantly and covertly by the foreign policy of the United States.

The federal government of the United States has radically transformed from a sovereign democratic American constitutional republic, into an imperial force used to enforce arbitrary authority in regions beyond their jurisdiction. This is how and why American transnational corporations for decades have been able to plunder the resource rich lands of North, Central, and South America. Since the second World War, the foreign policies and actions of the United States has done nothing but destabilize governments, support authoritarian regimes, and plunder the resources of our shared planet. This corporate imperialism has been militarily supported by the coordinated actions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the military industrial complex. These institutions have committed repeated acts of international terrorism, genocide, and conspiracy to overthrow democratically elected leaders of independent countries.

With both covert and open military support from institutions funded by the federal levied taxes of the American people, multinational non-government organizations and corporations continue to privatize and control genetic code, fresh water, food, natural resources, land, and human beings. This problem is comprehensive, and not limited to just several industries. This agenda aligns with the establishment of a totalitarian one world government, and the overall depopulation of the human race. This conquest for the world's resources can never be rationally or morally justified. This modern crusade of economic terrorism is not simply due to the obvious evils of capitalism and uncontrolled greed. The evils committed under the guise of capitalism exist because the current incentives of capitalism are structured upon inhumane concepts. Like with any concept or practice in life, balance is the key to achieving the sought equilibrium. When the incentives of economic capitalism are based on humane and sustainable concepts, then the positive benefits of capitalism can be yielded. We as a society should want an economic model that provides the necessary competition needed to produce the best and brightest society can cultivate.

Our generation must become educated on the reality of economic globalization and the monetary system, so that we may negate and reverse the negative repercussions of such unsustainable practices.