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Happy to be Alive
Posted 2 December 2016

I am not one to comment on current events so much, but may use this forum to do it anyway. Mostly, my position is to not be focused on all the mind kontrol and propaganda, and focus on building a new civilization. It is important to keep up a bit and be objective though. One has to try and decipher what events are going on from the available sources. I personally have a list of sources I check from time to time, when I have Internet access anyway. I will get lots of good links posted as soon as I get to it. Still working on the Constitution.

For those of you who are not warmongers and into mass death and depopulation, you will be happy to know that the evil creature that passes itself off as the Democratic Party candidate for Chief Executive of the Corporate United States. Democratic Party is Orwellian name for an authoritarian, murderous war party that does not tollerate democracy. I am not thinking the Donald is a living saint and certainly have no respect for the other face of the criminal party coin, the Republicans who suck just as much. But I have come to acknowledge Donald Trump's real courage and strength to stand up to a very evil, sick and extremely criminal faction which had seized control of the former united States. Just want to say THANK YOU FOR STOPING THE FINAL VOTE RIGGING!!! to whoever did it. Nice not to be dead already from nuclear war or extermination camps. That IS what would have happened if the worst criminals in history completed their coup.

It is amazing to see the release of info from Assange being 'disappeared'. Pizzagate is finally getting people informed of what I had learned in the 1990's. It looks like, short of total war and mass depopulation, the curtain is coming down on the Globalist Satanist Cabal. Bout time. For all the people who gave me shit and denied my information, well, don't pretend no one told you. And you continued to support the pieces of shit and acted like they were somehow honorable. I have mostly gotten crap from people for trying to teach them about what threatens their life and very soul so they can overcome it, that includes 'relatives' and 'friends'.

Mandella Effect
Posted 2 December 2016

Just wanted to mention something about the Mandela Effect. Last Spring I finally caught on to major changes in this world from, well that is hard to explain. It was really getting to me that I could not talk to anyone about it. It is a big deal and it is not being dealt with very much. I made my first youtube video. It was spur of the moment. I had been outside, it was hot. I had notes, but this was not rehearsed and I posted it right away before changing my mind. For what it is worth here is the link:

 Mandela Effect - Gerry Carton

For the record, I got my birth records opened up and found out my birth name. Since the Carton family has pretty much nothing to do with me and probably could not comprehend my book or what is going on and certainly do not agree with me; and 'cause I did not like the given name with six letters for a first middle and last name. Also, went through a lot of personal cost and trouble to find it out, so Angelo Patrick Arteman is my pen name.

If you think the Mandela Effect is trippy, cause it is, what do you think the plane you are on is shaped like? Hint: For those who do not know, it is not a ball spinning in a vacuum. I do plan to get a bunch of informational links posted one of these days.

Stressing in Late October
Posted 20 October 2016

For those of you who are a bit awake, you know the people of the former united states are about to be killed by the millions. We, have been setup, drugged, brainwashed, programmed, poisoned, chemtrailed, flouridated, fed poison, immersed in toxic electromagnetic radiation, leaking nuke plants all over by design, that is nothing. Now we face full scale invasion, round ups, death trains with guitines welded to the center and shackles welded to the walls. Whole factions of paranoid indoctrinated psychopaths who are overly well armed are about to be unleashed. The military has failed and let this situation develop this far. The psychopaths who have overthrown a the US federal government have created global criminal forces and then declared unending war against a tactic. Most of the US and NATO militaries are little more than mercenaries. Most everyone I know and see are just too much in a stupor of mind control and are just waiting for it to happen, for their death and enslavement. UN forces and their equipment have been deployed all over the world and around the united States. I have seen lots of video, photo and reliable information on the US occupation, and it looks like a Globalist depopulation agenda world wide. Some governments, like Russia, Finland, Switzerland to name a few, have actually prepared their people, built shelters and informed their people of the danger of imminent world war.

Please understand, if you do not already, that this is an Anti-Human agenda. There is no cause for war. There is no reason to to destroy entire nations like Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, the list goes on and on. What you see there is planned for the US and your country too. We are experiencing massive scale criminal acts by a small group of sick creature who do not consider themselves human. They claim the need to 'cull' us, the population, as we are too many and it is not so convenient for them as people are becoming more informed of the situation. This game is very, very old. This is a rare opportunity for all of the Humans Being in this world to unite and create our own civilization. One which is truely of, by and for the People.

It is clear to anyone with rational thought, the minority for sure, that the most sick, anti-human monsters have had their way with little resistance. Terran Society is that RESISTANCE. This resistance is in your mind, in your heart and in your intent. Some of you will get this and say, how? Contact me at the email at the bottom of the page. There are only days left. Read my book. Pack up, get your family to Minnesota and be ready to survive freezing cold near the Canadian border. We could sure use some funding, but time is short. We have bank account but the banks will not be open much longer.

I am not afraid and you cannot act clearly if you are afraid. The act of intent and then moving on that path sets powerful energies in motion. If you stay true, you as an individual awareness will survive long after your temporal shell has expired. I don't care if I die, as long as I die trying. I know many secrets of life and have seen what few have seen. Your soul essense IS immortal but only with a pure heart will you know it.