On-site Resources

Be sure to check out the books we have for free download or online viewing on the  Authors page.

The  Constitution page is our greatest resource. More sections will be posted when they are ready. A person could spend hours just thinking through all the thing they could do in a system like ours. What a wonderful civilization we can build! Remember, the Constitution creates a thought form. The thought form takes substance as an archetype in the collective human subconscious mind. The energy put into this thought form increases with more people correctly learning, understanding and holding the thought in their mind. This Constitution will have the power to break all prior negative oaths and obligations on a mental and soul level. Terran Society is being created to create a space where we as physical beings can be protected, can defend from our ancient enemies and thier predatory ways. The string of information which is the Terran Society Constitution, will help each person dispell injustice in their lives. They will do this by using the clarity of the Constitution to see the systemic injustices and anti-human agenda being carried out by people who are deluded and mind controled. By people in a state of slavery to a horrible system which has been with us for a very long time. The objective

Terran Foods

We have a business plan for a comprehensive food services company called Terran Foods. We all know it all comes down to diet for health, longetivity, mental acuity, good temper and just good living. We have developed recipies that do not include GMO, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Cows Milk products, Gluten, or Chemical Additives. All of our foods are vegetarian and some are vegan. We do use goat and sheep milk products as well as fish and eggs. Our foods taste really good. Not what some people expect with 'gluten free'. We plan to charter Terran Foods within Terran Society as a cooperative.

We focused on millet, oat, rice and teff flours with tapioca starch vs corn starch. Raw Earth (Terra) salts, especially Black Salt from India. Healing herbs and spices are heavily involved. Besides main dishes, we have soups, pies, sweet breads, pancake mixes, cookies and cookie dough. A great breakfast and lunch menu as well.

Infodine Systems

We have a detailed business plan to develop Infodine Systems as a full sevice Information Technology cooperative. Mr. Gerry Carton has extensive experience in business and tracking systems. A key part of the business plan involves developing a series of applications around the LogicalSets technology. This system is very advanced and will be quite competitive with existing business systems.

LogicalSets is published on SourceForge.net and is public domain. This is a new paradigm for data structures and information systems. There is real potential for success with this model provided the proper talent is attracted to the organization. I developed Logical Sets, it is in its eighth version. The is serious technology for data systems. There is much to be done to create a planned series of commercial and public domain products. Software development is a team sport and it will take a team of talented coders to be make this a success.

Plans are to launch Infodine as a Terran chartered cooperative to provide Information Technology services to the organization and for sale to the outside world. The written part of the business plan has been draw up using Logical Sets technology to develop as series of high-end, comprehensive business systems and personal information management software application.