Terran Society Organizational Structure

The Terran Society Constitution defines a structural framework enabling a functional community and a human centric civilization to develop in peace and prosperity.

The primary objective is to protect the Rights of the People, then meet the basic needs of each member.

There are three tiers, Local, Regional and Planetary.

Local: Composed of a District with Council of Elders and a Representative for the Regional Council of the Districts.

Regional: Consists of Executive, Legislative, Judicial and Fair Witness Branches to administer the Public Trust and Member Services.

Planetary: Formed by Regions, has four branches as well, although with different roles. This system is based on simple, decentralized structures with correcting checks and balances.

The following are our Basic Principals and Rights of the People. A Person must agree to respect these rights to be considered for membership in Terran Society.

Basic Principals of Terran Society

1)  Terran Society operations need to be open, transparent and accessible to the People as the base of power is the informed individual.

2)  Terran Society services and systems must be designed, developed and administered for the benefit of all People.

3)  As caretakers in this wonderful world shared with many other beings, air, water and land cannot be owned by anyone.

4)  Services provided to Regions must be administered equally per Region.

5)  Permanent structures & facilities shall be designed to last for future generations, have minimal maintenance and be as energy independent and efficient as is practical.

6)  Each community and region should be self-sufficient in a sustainable way for meeting their basic needs.

7)  A Person may be on the staff of only one branch of Planetary / Regional Management or the Defense Force at a time.

8)  Voting rights and benefits cannot be revoked as punishment or penalty.

Terran Society - Rights of the People

We are endowed by our Creator with certain in-alienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These Rights are not to be violated by institutions, organizations or individuals. Our duty is to protect these Rights.

01  Each Person is a unique individual, therefore all People have a Right to their own beliefs, thoughts emotions and the free expression thereof through speech, song, writing or other art of self expression, including in the Public Space. However, a Person can be held accountable if their speech or self expression directly causes physical harm or violates the Rights of another person.

02  While respecting the Rights of others, People have the right to an honorable death as they deem appropriate.

03  People retain the Right to their body and therefore control of the consumption and use of foods and medicines. This includes the right to be free of forced medication, implantation, injection, medical procedure, poison or otherwise be harmed. Children have the Right to not be sexually mutilated.

04  A pregnant woman has the right to determine the course of her own pregnancy.

05  People have the Right to adorn, dress and present themselves as they choose.

06  As Humans, we have a symbiotic relationship with the cannabis plant, the only known plant which by itself can sustain Human life and civilization. People have the right to possess, grow, use and have access to cannabis.

07  As Humans we share a relationship with all life of which our Biosphere is composed and have a natural right to responsibly use, cultivate and/or farm animals, plants, fungi, algae and such.

08  People have the Right to be free of harmful substances added to food, water, air and soil and other environmental pollution.

09  People have the Right to a healthy and safe living, working and playing environment as is practical. But they may choose to take risks upon themselves or participate in activities which can never be totally free of danger or potential harm.

10  People have the Right to peaceably assemble.

11  People have a Right to access and/or use Public Space without fee and managed use must be by a fair and open system.

12  People have the Right to Travel as is practical. Public roads and public forms of transportation must be available to all.

13  People have the right to be secure in their person, home, papers, thoughts, digital media, effects and private communications, against unreasonable search and/or seizure.

14  People have a Right to self defense and to defend others if necessary. Therefore People have the right to keep and bear arms and learn martial arts. This is does not include the use of excessive force. Weapons of mass destruction, need to be under secure military control.

15  People have the right to be quiet and to not accuse themselves. Forced confession and attempted forced confession is forbidden.

16  A Person shall be free from double jeopardy. There shall not be a hearing held twice for the same offense. A momentary single act cannot result in multiple criminal charges.

17  A Person may be accused and brought to trial only for acts which have violated the Rights of another Person, an actual injured party.

18  A mother and father will have joint custody of their children, even in a separation, unless they agree to another arrangement between themselves or through a mediator.

19  People are not property. Involuntary servitude, including taxation of an individuals labor or services rendered is prohibited.

20  Chromosomes, genes and genetically engineered life forms are not private intellectual property and may not be patented.

21  A legally defined organization of people is not a person and cannot have legal standing as an actual person.

22  People have the Right to contract freely with others as long as the enforcement of that contract or agreement does not result in harm to the individual. Therefore, People have the Right to terminate their consent to a contract or agreement.

23  People have the Right to know the organizational structure, roles and responsibilities of any organization they are a member of, employed by, or serve on the staff of.

24  People have the right to access data and information collected or stored about themselves by any person, group or organization. This includes the right to review, challenge and amend such information.

25  No group or organization may be granted powers which result in the violation of the Rights of the People.

26  If any Person shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall be ineligible to hold any office of public trust within Terran Society to avoid conflict of loyalty.

27  No single law created by any elected legislature can be too long or complex. If it takes more than 20 minutes for a person of average reading ability to read and/or is not in clear, understandable language, that law is null and void.

28  Any person elected or appointed to office who violates this Bill of Rights is subject to recall and a new election held for their office or legislative seat as soon as is practical.

29  Truthful authorship of any pending law or treaty has to be made public before any binding vote for approval can take place.

30  No law or treaty can be valid which has not been made public and read aloud in the legislature with a quorum present, at least three times and these readings spaced apart in time at least one day, before being voted on for approval.

31  No treaty or binding agreement with an outside party may be made which violates these Rights.

32  This defining of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People.

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