The first priority is to develop a system where the basic needs of each Member are met and their Rights protected.

Eliminating or reducing costs, part time individual service, automation where practical and an economy of scale will help make this possible with minimal expenditures. This will involve designing and building a place to live, gardens, food production, medical centers, energy production, cloth and clothing, machinery, tool and equipment manufacturing.

But, it all comes down to food. High quality, organic grade whole foods grown and raised in sustainable environments with respect for life. To this end, the founders of Terran Society have planned a full service food cooperative to be called Terran Foods. Terran Foods has a compilation of recipes developed by the founders which are without gluten, dairy, corn, soy, cottonseed, rapeseed (canola), GMOs, and are mostly vegetarian with some vegan. This is planned to help fund Terran Society and help meet basic needs.

Clean energy production is a very high priority, followed by housing, greenhouses, community center and a common tool and shop facility. Transportation, a medical center, library and education round out the initial objectives.