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This is my take on Terran Society

In this world, the real world, not cyberspace, the human race is being culled, modified, enslaved, trans-humanized and for those who survive and comply, each to be a node in a mechanical hive mind. There are countless dangers, attacks, ways we are being made sick to death, weather manipulation, chemtrails for geo-engineering and other agendas, tsunami nukes, nano-bot warfare, bio-warfare, psychological warfare, authoritarian religious organizations & societies, too much insanity to even list.

People spend much and sometimes all of their lives trying to right even one of these wrongs. Nothing is really achieved this way. The system is actually anti-human and not run by or for People. I can say that having studied these structures and beings for decades now, .

If you fight the system, you become the system. Violence and threats of harm to others is not the way to go. The end does not justify the means. Although, given no other option, it is better to fight than to surrender your soul. We have options. An option anyway, which Terran Society has created.

Our Metaphysical Solution to a Metaphysical Problem

The solution we have is to organize on a voluntary association basis to form a new society. One that is designed to prevent centralization of power or control. Designed to preserve and protect the Rights of the People. A system that recognizes that govern-ment is mind control. We do not need that. What we need is an organizational structure to manage the public trust and public services. Think members trust and member services, we all have an equal stake in our society. Our organizational structure is a mental construct to be held by our members. Essentially, a different mindset to change our world and create a new civilization.

We are creating an environment where people can live in peace with each other and the natural world. The goal is to develop a lifestyle or culture that is clean. We want to avoid the use of toxic chemicals and harmful technologies in our daily lives. Our clothes, soaps, homes, cars, boats, everything. Now we are not stupid and know the whole CO2 thing is just a lie, when we say clean, we mean not harmful. We will implement clean energy technology and not fall for the globalist agenda. We can do this within a private organization.

A New Social Contract

To this end, we have Guiding Principals and a Declaration of Rights of the People which is both a protection and restriction on all members and member organizations. There is more, four branches with three tiers. Please see our  Terran Society Organizational Structure  page.

Our members accept the Rights of the People and agree to resolve disputes peacefully within the structures provided. We have our own Sheriff and Court System, but not like what most people of the world have to deal with. We are not stupid and think everyone will live in harmony forever. People are People and shit happens. Have to have ways to resolve and protect.

Terran Society is not anti-this or anti-that. We are not defined by an opposition. We are not trying to change or destroy the existing system. We are turning our attention away from the drama and insanity to focus on building a new society, a new and higher form of Human civilization. One to be proud of a thousand years later. We are not socialist or capitalist or communist or whatever-ist. Our economic system is open ended.

Real World Objectives

We seek to make sure all members basic needs are met first, and build an economy upon that foundation. Some would call that a kind of socialism, we call that being competent. This creates a great environment to develop the arts and sciences. Businesses and cooperatives within Terran Society would pay into a central fund. Basically commerce would be taxed not individuals. You will not have to report to anyone or fill out forms to receive a benefit in Terran Society.

We are pragmatic. To the extent we can, we will represent as one business entity to the outside world. We expect to pay taxes to existing systems. There is an elected Treasurer position and Ambassador do deal with that as much a possible. But we will continually strive for sovereignty for our members. If we stick together, we will eventually gain enough respect (and wealth) to not be messed with by negative forces in the 'outside world'. In the United States at least, there is a great deal of autonomy given to cooperative associations. We can accomplish quite a lot within that space.

If you find what we have interesting, there is a lot more which we do not intend to post to the public. This is just to find people who want to survive and want a future for themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, this takes courage and mental clarity. Not a lot of that going around. I have noticed that lack of courage to be the biggest obstacle. That includes intellectual courage. Even with people who may have the courage, do they have the wisdom to change when a long held believe is proven to be something else?

Terran Society is real. The challenge is real. If you have a better plan, let us know. Otherwise consider joining us to deal with our common threats and common goals together. But do not say you did not make a choice. This choice is to survive and thrive with respect and harmony to the world we share with so many other species, each with their own way.

The Great Firewall of China

This website and organization are still in development, but we already got banned by the Great Firewall of China! It can only be the page with our basic principles and Rights of the People that they want hidden. Seems the philosophical concepts presented there are just too much for the fascist, authoritarian oligarchs dominating over the People of China. They must be afraid if the People are exposed to such thoughts, especially since they seriously do not respect People's basic rights.

When the largest nation with the most powerful economy is afraid of what we have to say and our organizational structure, wow, that is really Orwellian! Kinda proves the people of China lack a legitimate system to manage the public trust and services. That is no OK, but we do have the answers and our organizational design is to go world wide. It is a people thing. Great thoughts written in the interest of human kind are difficult to suppress, we hope.

Please see if you like our Rights of the People and Guiding Principles:  Terran Society Organizational Structure 

Truth vs Deception

There is one more test to be eligible for membership. It is about the difference between subjective beliefs, or something we believe because we are told or taught vs. objective reality which can be measured, tested, etc. It may upset a lot of people, but it is important. An old saying says there are three kinds of people, those who can see, those who can see when shown and those who cannot see even when shown. This goes along with a proverb in a translation somewhere; "The difference between a wise man (person) and a fool is; A wise man accepts correction, a fool does not".

The question deals with the geometry of this world's surface. We do not live on a ball spinning in a vacuum. Our surface world is relatively flat. North Pole in the middle, literally a magnetic mountain, and Antarctica is a circle with 60,000 miles (1.6 km per mile) of coastline on the outside like a ring around the ocean. This is the beginning of disclosure. The difference between the false paradigms is pretty great. When one can see the illusion for what it is and the truth for actual science then they can see so much more of reality vs organized deception. There is no reason to believe it ends at Antarctica.

We have knowledge that we do not want to disclose to people who will not accept the stated conditions, Because it is bad karma to give power to those who do not respect the rights of others. One of our key goals at Terran Society is to develop a learning center to eventually rival the greatest libraries and universities in the world. Of course we will start small, but at a much higher level of understanding and that helps.

What You Can Do

If you are one of the hundreds of people who have found this site, just write an email to expressing your interest. If you have questions or just want to discuss the concepts presented.

If you are near the Twin Cities of Minnesota, we can meet up. If not, we can find a way to communicate. We are not affiliated with any other organization, church, group, alphabet agency, secret society, etc. We will accept donations, but are not expecting or demanding and there is no membership fee or secret oath. This is intended for all good people of this world. Even though we consider this an evolution of the original intent of the united States Constitution, Terran Society is not limited to Americans (however that is defined). We are not about hurting other people so it would be disappointing if you expected some sort of militant or extremist group. Although, if you are acting in a way destructive to humanity and life in general, you will not receive our blessings.

Healing Center

At this time we are in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We intend to get a location in the northwestern part of Minnesota to develop. Our goal is to establish natural harmonious, sustainable models of living with a penchant for applied practical science.

Terran Society is seeking healers of all kinds to create a retreat where people can go to get away from pollution and electromagnetic radiation, toxic food and dirty water. A place to detox the body and mind. A place to heal. When a person has spent two weeks going through this process, they will think and feel more themselves and be more in control of their lives. When in a state of reduced physical stress, the mind is more relaxed. Then they can better assess if they want to become a member of Terran Society.

Existential Threats

A big part of why we want to do this is the obvious fact that existing systems are promoting mass death and depopulation. There are several vectors of attack, from deadly 'vaccines', to nano-bots in the toxic chemtrails. I want to focus on the most immediate short term mass killer: Electromagnetic Frequency Warfare. You need to know that Wi-Fi and cell phone communications tecnologies are lethal to humans and by the second or third generation, no more reproduction. But this is small compared to the rollout of 5G and Smart-Meters. Angelo has recently penned an informative document on the subject:  5G Information 

Book Publisher?

Angelo has a large and complex book to be completion soon. A book which documents the dire circumstances we find ourselves in as a species. Knowledge is power and the information in this work of investigative journalism is critical to survival in today's world. It will be the kind of book you can take to your friends and family and show them the research papers and technical reports. Very well researched and referenced with important quotes and citations. Life makes lots of demands but this book will get done.

Terran Society is looking for a publisher to work with for this and other works. If you are an interested publisher, please contact Angelo or Gerry at