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Angelo B. Carton

  • Just To Survive

Angelo Carton is writing a book titled "Just To Survive". This book is a work in progress. Earlier posts on this site are of the same book, different title. This posted version will not be finished until ready for official publication. It may change and a new version posted. The material is important so Angelo's book is being posted here section by section as it gets done for you to read online. This new book documents the dire circumstances we find ourselves in as a species.

Knowledge is power and the information in this work of investigative journalism is critical to your survival in today's world. It is the sort of thing that you can take to your friends and family and show them the facts. It is well researched and referenced with important quotes and citations.

To read PDF online or download in a new tab:
 Just To Survive - by Angelo B. Carton (draft rel.20160202-1)

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 Just To Survive - by Angelo B. Carton (draft rel.20160202-1)

Angelo B. Carton my be contacted by email via: Angelo@infodine.net.

Attention Publishers: Terran Society is looking for a publisher for this book. If interested, please contact us at First.Executive@yandex.com.

Angelo P. Arteman

At the time of writing, I, the author, was near death. It was a stressful situation and the book got written thinking I may or may not live much longer. Through cleaning up my diet and other natural methods, I recovered. But the book has some typos, a missing line on page 51 and two specifics I would like to correct. Never the less, the meaning is conveyed to the reader. Some people who consider themselves informed and having it together might object to the tone of the book as they cannot relate to being upset with the way things are. I cannot relate to that. I find it difficult to be at ease knowing what I know. I am compelled to try and do something to improve our chances for survival as a species and to achieve our own free society.

There is a reference to Jesus and Sananda. I have had a psychic experience meeting each of them. They are not the same and I mistakenly refer to them as if they were. Also, I did not know of an organization which has a woman who claims to channel Sananda at the time. I did have a deep mystical experience in meeting the one many call Jesus. What I experienced was interpreted by my own frame of reference. Someone else with a different cultural background may experience the same thing I did and interpret it in their own way.

Another point I feel important to correct is the reference to the Secret Service present at the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. Preston James, who writes for Veteran's Today (VeteransToday.com), pointed out in an article that an eye witness reported a shooter nearby in a second story window who likely shot the special weapon. I do not intend to imply a Secret Service agent was involved in the attempt, but that they know what happened and are not saying. There was no public investigation. That is the troubling issue.

On page 51, Number three is the Fair Witness Branch of government as explained later in the book.

Terran Society is a direct result of this book and is implementing the ideas presented. I am currently writing a proposed Terran Society Constitution. Even though we are more like a club, the governing documents are being written to define the managing systems and structures of Terran Society.

To read online or download in a new tab:  Of, By and For the People by Angelo Patrick Arteman

If you would like to purchase "Of, By and For the People" as a book, click here.

This was an emotional work for me and I hope the reader finds it thought provoking and meaningful. If read the book and would like to discuss it, please send me an email at Arthur.Dent1024@yandex.com. I had planned to write that book from the age of 16, but wanted to wait until at least the age of 50 to gain better perspective. There is more meaning in that book than may first appear.

My current work is authoring the proposed Terran Society Constitution. Terran Society and its Constitution are based on the ideas presented in the book Of, By and For the People. It is a practical, well thought out approach to creating a universal human centric civilization in this world we call Terra. There is much more than is currently posted. The remaining sections will be posted as soon as they are ready.

If you have not done so already or recently, please take a look: Terran Society Constitution

Angelo P. Arteman my be contacted by email via: Arthur.Dent1024@yandex.com.