Hello and Welcome.

This website and organization are in development, but we already got banned by the Great Firewall of China! Since the site only had three pages, it can only be the page with our basic principles and Rights of the People. Seems the philosophical concepts presented there are just too much for the fascist, authoritarian oligarchs dominating over the people of China. They must be afraid if the People are exposed to such thoughts.

When the largest nation with the most powerful economy is afraid of what we have to say and our organizational structure, wow, that is really orwellian! Kinda proves the people of China lack a legitimate system to manage the public trust and services. But that is OK, because we have the answers and our organizational design is to go world wide. It is a people thing. Great thoughts written in the interest of human kind are difficult to suppress, I hope.

Please see if you like our Rights of the People and Guiding Principles:  OrgStructure.  We have a 'constitutional framework' which makes up the Terran Society's organization structure. If a person agrees with the Rights of the People, i.e. to respect those rights in others, and to resolve disputes peacefully through the mechanisms provided, then they must pass one more test to be eligible for membership. The last test is about the difference between subjective beliefs, or something we believe because we are told or taught vs. objective reality which can be measured, tested, etc.

At this time we are based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and plan to get a location in the northern part of Minnesota. Pretty simple and straight forward, our goal is to establish and develop nature harmonious, sustainable models of living with a penchant for applied practical science.

To this end, we are forming two cooperative organizations within the Terran Society Cooperative Association. We need talented individuals to fill the roles of these organizations. The first is Infodine a software development and eventually full service information technology company. The second is Terran Foods, which will deal only with clean, healthy foods.

In our system, each person has a share in Terran Society and the cooperative they are working in, like Infodine. Infodine and other business entities within the association are 'taxed' by Terran Society to help fund its operations.

Publisher Needed:

We are nearing completion of a book which shall document the dire circumstances we find ourselves in as a species. Knowledge is power and the information in this work of investigative journalism is critical to survival in today's world. It will be the kind of book you can take to your friends and family and show them the facts. Well researched and referenced with important quotes and citations.

Terran Society is looking for a publisher for this book. If you are an interested publisher, please contact Angelo or Gerry at First.Executive@yandex.com.