Introducing Terran Society

Terran Society has been created in an effort to peacefully resolve many or all of the problems we face as humans being on this world. This is a serious effort to create a human centric civilization. The Terran Society system is open ended, comprehensive, respectful of each individual's rights as well as other life we share this world with. A social system which is sustainable, minimal and efficient. This is an effort to find the balance between being part of a social network and support system and having individual choices, self determination.

Terran Society Membership is open to anyone who consents to the the Rights of the People, to resolve disputes peacefully and within the systems of Terran Society. Terran Society may be anywhere and everywhere in the world.

This is the foundation of a real political solution to resolve so many of the worlds problems. Unlike other organizations, we have real political objectives and realistic values, but more importantly, we are writing it down. Like John Lennon said in Imagine, "You say you got a real solution, well you know, we all wanna see the plan".

No free or open society of Terrans can exist with secret agenda's or secret decision making groups.

Terran Society is based on the priciples in the book "Of, By and For the People" by Angelo Patrick Arteman. This book is written to present thoughts and ideas. Some might find it interesting.

Terran Society is about the solution. Of couse we are a private club and not a country, but we will use the Constitution as a basis for society within our organization.

What we are not is associated with an secret societies, the United Nations, any government agency, no organized religion. None of that. This is what is says it is. When the founding documents are completed and published, anyone in the world can create this and it all links up to one system. This is a new social order but it is created to provide a refuge for free souls who do not want to be part of a global dictatorship currently being implemented.

We are very small in number and are looking for new members or support from others who may not want to be members but support the same goals we strive to achieve.

Who knows? Maybe, someday, everyone will want to join.

Terran Society Organizational Structure

Terran Society is officially a Cooperative Association of Minnesota. We have a state tax ID and a US federal tax ID with reporting requirements. Have to start somewhere and Minnesota is where we are starting.

Within this Association, Terran Society is a self governing, social organization of sovereign individuals bound together by a voluntary, mutual pact.

The primary objective of Terran Society, our raison d'être, is to establish and protect the Rights of the People.

Terran Society has a Constitution to define its internal social and economic order. It will take several years and many people to develop the systems proposed. In this sense, Terran Society is an experimental group working to define and develop an advanced, human-centric civilization by voluntary association.

When fully developed, Terran Society organizational structure will have two basic managerial levels. A lower level, Terran Regions, and an upper level, Terran. One may think of it as a society within a cooperative.

The upper level of management of Terran Society consists of four operational branches and a defensive military (think security force). The lower level, Terran Regions, also consists of four operational branches which are similar but have different roles. Each new Terran Region will be organized using the same model. To begin with, there is only one region, yet to be named.

The four operational branches are: Executive, Legislative, Court System and Fair Witness.

This organizational structure should be of minimal cost and be implemented in an environmentally sustainable way.

Within our Society we will create a fiat currency, issued by and managed by the Terran Society Treasurer and Councils of the People and Regions. This 'currency' will be used solely as a medium of exchange. It will not bear interest, either compound or fixed. This medium of exchange will have no intrinsic value. Within Terran Society it will have symbolic value as a medium to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. A system will be established for a member to exchange this for major currencies or commodities at a managed rate.

The business model of Terran Society consists of a series of defined, cooperative style organizational blueprints. These 'blueprints' are used to define and launch Chartered Terran Cooperatives. These are of two classes, those created to provide a public service and all others.

There are two aspects to Terran Society economically. An internal economy consisting of trade between members and the sale of goods and services to a customer base outside of Terran Society.

For business outside of Terran Society, transactions are facilitated through the Terran Treasurer in coordination with the Terran Ambassador as specified through the Legislative process. To the outside world, we are a single business entity. Proper records have to be kept, standards met and required tax payments and reporting made.

For internal commerce and trade within Terran Society the rules are also defined by legislation. Accurate records will be kept. However, this information is private to Terran Society and members of the chartered cooperatives.

Cooperative organizations chartered within Terran Society to provide basic services are responsible to the people served. The majority of the managing board of these Terran Cooperatives will be elected by the customer base of the utility service or public facility. A minority of the managing board will be elected by the working members of the Cooperative. The Fair Witness branch will have full access to this class of Cooperative and be required to make proper reports.

All other Cooperative organizations chartered within Terran Society will have a managing board elected by the working members. These private organizations may be established to offer goods and services. They may conduct trade within Terran Society and the rest of the world. These business entities within Terran Society are essentially autonomous.

Terran Society chartered organizations will be funded largely by commerce outside of our club, at least until we have a developed and sustainable internal economy.

Please Contribute

If you can, please consider making a monetary contribution to Terran Society. We are not a non-profit organization. We have business plans and expect to be self funding and profitable at some point. However, we are just starting out right now. Our cause is pretty straight forward, the survival of the human species on Terra in a free society using the structures we are writing down for all to see.

Logo and Website Artistry

Terran Society is in need of a logo. We also need art for the website. If you are into graphic art and user interface themes, and you like our principles and what we are about, please contact us at We do not have money, yet, but we have business plans and will grow with shared ownership as a cooperative. Best we can offer right now.

Korean Scholars Translators and Teachers

Terran Society needs Korean scholars who would like to be part of Terran Society. One scholar to begin with would be nice. All official documents need to be translated into Korean. and teach Korean. Also, anyone who is skilled and wants to translate our material into a major language is needed. If you are interested, please contact us at

Web, Middleware, Report Writers, Application and Database Developers

At some point, if the relative freedom many if not most peole have with the Internet today is not destroyed, we intend for this site to develop into one of the most advanced software applications in public existence. The core for that was completed last November and is posted on here. It is a re-usable data architecture which is an amazing mathmatical model with many, many capabilities. Very few people will be interested in that until it gets a front end.

Our goal is for that work to benefit all of Terran Society. See the information on Infodine on the Resources page. Infodine will be a full service Information Technology cooperative within Terran Society. If anyone is seriously interested in being part of that project, please contact us at

Linux Systems Administrator

We need help with our systems administration and security. If you are committed to the same objectives we are and really like the Rights of the People, and are trustworthy, please contact us at for more information.